Let's make a better calendar

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Scheduling work is a critical component of how you manage your workload and how you make your shop run efficiently. From a customer point of view, getting in and out of your shop without delay is also vitally important.

From a software engineering standpoint, building a calendar isn't easy.  There are so many different possibilities and small details that make this a challenging task from both a design and engineering perspective.

But we've heard all the feedback, we put it through our magic process to come up with a solution and we've been working hard on it as part of v2.  In fact, we've put in over 28 person weeks of engineering and at least 10 person weeks in design to make this happen.

And today, I'm happy to share a sneak peak of the new calendar coming in v2. We're putting it through the paces internally and you will get access as we start rolling out access to v2 over the coming months.

Here's a quick demo from Max, one of our key product managers driving this functionality, showing you some of what's coming with the new calendar:

So here's a few things I'm personally excited about as part of the new v2 calendar:

- The ability to effortlessly drag and drop calendar appointments.  This will save you time making changes with a very natural and intuitive experience.

- The ability to get a preview when creating a new appointment right inline. This should save you from having to have multiple tabs open switching between jobs and scheduling.

- The ability to visually see overlapping appointments so that you can make sense of a packed day and help you figure out conflicts.

- The ability to hover over any appointment and get all the critical information like the vehicle and service details at a glance.

- The ability to fine tune and customize the calendar to match how you run your shop.

In addition, along with the rest of the application, the calendar not only works on a larger desktop screen, but is also optimized for smaller screen mobile devices.

We've listened to your feedback and we're doing everything we can to incorporate that feedback.  Given how important efficient and timely scheduling is to you and your shop, we also have more in store such as capacity planning. But this new experience will fundamentally improve how you interact with Shopmonkey every single day.